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Photron Specializes in research, development and manufacture of high quality light sources for use in analytical spectroscopy. The principals of Photron each have more than 40 years of experience both in the design of spectroscopic instruments and light source. The design for all lamps produced are based on actual use and experience with atomic absorption, UV-visible spectrophotometer and other spectroscopic instruments.


Hollow Cathode lamps


For direct use in AAS system manufactured by : GBC Scientific, Varian Analytic Jena, Shimadzu, Hitachi, Thermo Jarrel Ash, Unicam and all other makes. Use in Perkin Elmer instruments can be facilitated with the use of an daptor kit (P204), however our 51mm HCL’s are recommended.

Hollow Cathode Lamps produced by Photron are design and manufactured to achieve all of the folloing fundamental requirements for a spectral line source.

  • Intense emission of rsonance (ground state derived) lines.
  • Narrow line width, for maximum sensitivity and linearity.
  • Minimal spectral interference from continuum emission, present in the cathode.
  • Rapid warm up to produce stable long term light emission.
  • Noise free operation.
  • Long running life and a 5 years shelf life.


Super lamp


The Super Lamp is particularly recommended for the following determinations in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.

  • Elements with resonance in the far UV where instrumental efficiency is reduced e.g. Arsenic and Selenium.
  • Elements with complex spectra, where the enhanced resonance line reduces the interference of background radiation, allowing the use of wider slit widths further reducing signsl to noise e.g. Nickel and Iron.
  • For determinations at or near detection limit, in some cases a 10 fold improvement in detection limit can be achieved.
  • This lamp produces intense spectra with narrow line widths.


Deuterium Arc Lamps


The Deuterium Arc Lamps are used in UV-Visible spectroscopy, Spectrofluorometry UV detectors attached to HPLC instrument, Colorimetry, Refractometry and as a non atomic source for background connection in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.



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